Nobody at Rufftown Records has ever bullied or tortured Fantana – Bullet

Source The Ghana Report

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RuffTown Records, Ricky Nana Agyemang, otherwise known as Bullet, has refuted claims by Fantana indicating that she was bullied and tortured.

In an interview monitored by The Ghana Report, Bullet affirmed there is no way he or any team member of the label would bully or torture Fantana.

He said,  Fantana misunderstood his post on Instagram after some bloggers misinterpreted it, hence her bully and torture reply.

Bullet explained the ‘So What’ singer couldn’t stand the negative comments that were passed about her by some social media users and fans of Wendy Shay.

The Rufftown Records CEO revealed that everything is in order and Fantana is still under his label.

He emphasized how happy the budding musician is to be part of the Rufftown Family, as she hashtags the label in her posts following the incident.

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