North East: Teachers of Dabozesi school appeal for classroom block

The headteacher of Dabozesi D/A Primary School, Bonyouri Issah, has called on the government and stakeholders to assist the school with a six-unit classroom block and renovate a three-unit block to make learning conducive for the pupils.

Speaking to Asaase News, the teachers said that the school, situated in the North East Region, is currently not conducive for teaching and learning because stray animals have access to the classrooms during school hours.

Some of the pupils sit on the floor during learning hours.

“Our school has had no furniture for several years,” a teacher said. “All the buildings are dilapidated. We have been moving up and down to get chairs, but it is not yielding any positive results.”

Asaase News checks show that the renovation of the school was awarded to a contractor, who has not been to the site in months.

Residents have been offering support to the school to cushion their plight.

“I am very worried. This is one of the oldest schools in the district, and yet we are still managing under a three-unit classroom,” Mahamudu Mankwa, a parent who is also a former teacher at the school, told Asaase News.

Officials of Dabozesi school are appealing for support from the government, NGOs, philanthropists, and the general public.

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