NPA and GSA revise gasoline standards for improved vehicle performance

Source The Ghana Report

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA), in collaboration with the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), has initiated steps to review the national standards for gasoline.

The review aims to decrease the maximum allowable manganese levels in regular gasoline from 18mg/l to 6mg/l and in premium gasoline from 18mg/l to 2mg/l.

Responding to consumer complaints about reduced vehicle performance, the NPA has directed that all new gasoline imports adhere to the proposed manganese standards during the review process.

Despite previous fuels meeting national standards, recent imports have approached the maximum manganese limit.

Some vehicle manufacturers, particularly those of turbo engine vehicles, recommend gasoline without harmful manganese-based additives.

The NPA assured the public of its commitment to protecting the interests of petroleum product for consumers.

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