To obey or not to obey: Photos of how Ghanaians are fighting COVID-19

Ghana’s COVID-19 cases have spiked in recent times raising concerns among health workers.

As of January 22, 2021, Ghana’s active case count stood at 2, 413 after 658 new cases were recorded.

The death toll has also shot up to 361.

The latest increase in cases forced President Akufo-Addo to order the police to be extremely strict in enforcing the COVID-19 laws aimed at insulating the public against the virus.

But with COVID-19 rising at breakneck speed, how is the Ghanaian public responding to them?

students walking in a group defying the social distance protocol
Ladies grouped around a food vendor. No masks, no social distancing
Shot taken at Caprice
Passenger and a driver without face masks
A police officer at Alhajo in a nose mask. But to his left, other flout the COVID-19 protocols.
Mother and daughter at Caprice without face masks
Motor rider without face mask right behind a police
Group on a motorbike defying the COVID-19 safety protocols
These two walk around at Abeka junction disregarding all COVID-19 safety protocols
Picture taken at Abeka junction. No face masks
Picture taken at Abeka junction
At the Abeka junction bus stop, some defied the safety protocols
This man converted his face mask into a chin mask.
A group seated in a truck with nose masks converted into chin masks. No social distancing
Water hawker without a face mask in front of the Tesano Police Station
No face mask while it in the public
Another hawker spotted without a face mask
For these, life goes on as usual even when it isn’t
Captured chatting at Apenkwa, this group of young men were without face masks
When selling and buying was taking place at Apenkwa, this group threw caution to the wind
At this bus stop, there was total disregard for the safety protocols.
Chatting in each other’s face, this squad had probably forgotten all about COVID-19
Perhaps, they wanted all to see the smiles on their face. So they defied all COVID-19 protocols.
At Neoplan, our cameras captured law abiding citizens and we love it
No face masks, No social distancing for them at old Achimota station
When discipline begins at home.
We captured these young girls at Achimota
For him, COVID-19 could have its way till he was done with his phone call.
When the food is more important than contracting COVID-19, you engage in hearty conversations without face masks and social distancing, get your food, and walk away.
At this food joint, the safety protocols obviously meant nothing to them.
I finger in the air for our officers.
Wear your mask and pose like a boss.
But at this section of the Achimota old station, what did you say was COVID-19?
While some obeyed safety protocols, others didn’t, and some “partially” did.
Some obeyed, others didn’t.
For a student, we expected better.
In public places like Achimota, the disregard was quite on the high.
These damsels adorned their masks with pride.
At the Police Academy, he cared less about COVID-19
Shot captured at the Police Academy
Abeka junction bus stop
Hawkers at Abeka junction.


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