Reduce fuel prices to ensure social distancing in commercial cars – MP

To ensure the adherence to social distancing in public transport, the Member of Parliament for Okaiwei North,Theresah Lardi  Awuni, has asked government to reduce fuel prices.

“l humbly ask the government  to re-enforce the restriction and limitation of the number of passengers carried by commercial vehicles” She said.

She wants fuel prices reduced by 15%.

“Majority of our population use public transport on daily basis to commute from and to work, for their business engagements,the government must evoke the restrictions and back it by absorbing 15% of the cost of fuel to ease the burden on transport operators”she added.

According to her, the sitting arrangement in commercial vehicles are fertile ground for the spread of COVID-19.

“With the sitting arrangement we have in our commercial vehicles, they are fertile grounds for the breeding and escalation of the novel Coronavirus’ she said.

Ghana’s coronavirus cases as of  February 14, 2021 stood is at 75,836 confirm cases, 8,216 active cases,  67,087 recoveries, 718 new cases and 533 deaths.

In March 2020, President Akufo-Addo announced a reduction in the number of passengers commercial vehicles should take.

“All passenger carrying-vehicles including taxis seating 1-3 passengers on a row shall seat not more than two passengers on a row.

“All passenger carrying-vehicles seating 1-4 passengers on a row shall seat not more than three passengers on a row.

“All passenger carrying vehicles seating 1-5 passengers on a row shall seat not more than three passengers on a row.” He ordered.

The restriction was later lifted.

But, the MP believes the directive helped in easing the spread of the virus.

Addressing her constituents, the Member of Parliament encouraged the adherence to COVID-19 protocols.

“Let’s wash our hands regularly, practice social distancing and regularly use the hand sanitizers” she said.

  1. Anonymous says

    Outstanding! She is about the people

  2. Jill Awuni says

    So proud of the work she is doing. Step by step she will with the help of all bring change.

  3. Anonymous says

    Thank you

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