Ohemaa Mercy shares chilling story of a condemned prisoner

Source The Ghana Report

Gospel musician Ohemaa Mercy has narrated a chilling story of a prisoner whose mistake has condemned him to a life inside a cage.

The singer has many outreach outlets, including one that caters to prisoners in the various correctional facilities across the country.

According to Ohemaa Mercy, whenever she’s on the radio spreading the gospel, she has prisoners joining in the live prayers and worship.

“I also have the prison ministry, and it’s one of the emotional parts of it(ministry) that I really love a lot. So touching.
I preach on the radio. Amazingly I have lots of prisoners, I don’t know how they do it, that listen to me. Especially when I’m praying on the radio and sharing encouraging words, it’s something that they encourage themselves with.”

The founder of the Tehillah Experience spoke about her encounter with a prisoner whilst ministering at the prison. She spoke about the essence of Grace for freedom and why people should be grateful for being free men.

“I remember when I went there in 2012, this gentleman had been condemned to prison. He was sharing a testimony where he knocked down a gentleman by mistake and ended up as a condemned prisoner. He doesn’t even know his fate. There are a lot of soul-touching stories that tell that anybody at all can end up there. It’s by Grace that some of us are moving and doing whatever we want.”

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