Olu Jacobs is alive and well – Actress debunks husband’s death

Veteran actress, Joke Silva, has debunked rumours of the death of her husband and top actor, Olu Jacobs.

In a statement on her Instagram story on Monday, Silva said that her husband was alive and doing well.

“Good day everyone, trust all is going well. The Jacobs Clan would love to inform you that Papa J (Olu Jacobs MFR), is alive and well; enjoying himself as always in the comfort of his home and loved ones,” She wrote.

She also threatened legal action against the propagators of the fake news.


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“To all those who have decided to ignore our last warning regarding fake news kindly prepare for legal action,” the actress added.

Last year in November, Joke Silva dispelled rumours that her husband was dead.

Olu Jacobs Is Not Dead – Joke Silva

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, the actress revealed that Olu Jacobs had dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB).

According to her, “this has been going on for a couple of years. My husband is dealing with issues and it is been going on for a couple of years. It is known as dementia with Lewy Body.

“It is a degenerative disease that affects the brain and it is almost like a Parkinson’s type of disease, it affects the brain and affects the person”.

The actor recently celebrated his 80th birthday.

This is the second time the actress is debunking such rumors in months.


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