Our flirting is for food – Ex-footballer rejects womanizing tag

There has been a long-held perception of footballers.

This perception is that footballers are womanizers.

In recent years in Ghana, quite a number of players have seen their marriages hit the rock over what many believed was a result of their infidelity.

But a former King Faisal player, Habib Mohammed, has strongly refuted these assertions.

He told Accra-based Starr FM that the local footballers only flirt with food vendors for survival.

“ It’s not like footballers like women. I want to make it clear that it’s not like that. Sometimes, it’s because of their stomach. If you’re with a woman, you’ll definitely eat. If you mingle with women, especially those who engage in petty trading, you’ll definitely get something. I’m telling you the truth,” he said.

Mohammed attributed this to the meager allowances local footballers receive from their clubs.

He admitted to engaging in such acts just to fend for himself.

According to Habib, there was a local food vendor who fed him during his young football career.

But he was quick to add that he made it a point to give her some money the moment he received some allowances.

“It’s part of it. If you go and sit beside a porridge seller, as you try to strike conversations with her, she’ll fetch you some porridge to sustain you for the morning.

“But that is where the footballer must think smart because the woman will begin to have some affection towards you,” Habib added.

In 2013, former Black Stars skipper John Mensah was accused by his then-wife of engaging in infidelity.

Henrietta also accused John of shirking his responsibilities as a father to their four kids.

The two had been married for a decade.

Unable to cope with the alleged infidelity, Henrietta filed for a divorce.

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