Paga SHS student escapes lynching over false ram theft accusation

A first-year student of the Paga Senior High School (SHS) in the Upper East Region has narrowly escaped a potentially fatal situation after being mistaken for a thief by some individuals in the town.

Information gathered indicates that Fuseini Braimah visited a relative of his friend, Karim Wejong, off-campus.

While he was urinating near an uncompleted building where a group of sheep was resting in the shade, someone saw him and started calling him a thief.

The individual automatically instigated a mob against the young student.

Shockingly, it was alleged that the Vice Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) chairman at the school, Michael Kandwe was among those leading the charge, encouraging the angry mob to attack the student for allegedly stealing a ram.

Fortunately, it was later discovered that the student was innocent, and the alarm raised against him was unfounded.

The student, who suffered severe beatings, has since regained consciousness and is still receiving treatment at the Paga District Hospital.

Despite the gravity of the incident, the perpetrators remain at large as the police are yet to make any arrests.

The school’s Headmaster, Isaac Boena, confirmed the incident, stating that the victim’s family was asked to meet with police investigators.

He mentioned that once the police come out with their findings, he would determine the next steps to take.

The PTA Chairman of the school, Hillary Aniako, condemned the act, describing it as “disgusting”.

He indicated that, based on his information, the perpetrators would be arrested.

He further mentioned that the school would convene a meeting with community members to educate them on the consequences of such actions and strengthen the school-community relationship to prevent future incidents.

Mr. Aniako also raised concerns about the school’s environment, noting that the absence of a perimeter wall compromises the safety of students on campus, as outsiders can enter at any time.

He appealed to the government to upgrade the school to a boarding facility by constructing additional structures to accommodate students and erecting a perimeter wall around the premises.

The Kassena-Nankana West District Chief Executive, Gerald Ataogye, visited the victim to offer support for his recovery.

Mob justice remains a serious concern for many people and civil society organizations, as perpetrators are often not appropriately dealt with, failing to serve as a deterrent.

Meanwhile, the family of the boy maintains that they will never give up until the perpetrators are apprehended and brought to justice.

They assert that the boy is innocent and that the attackers must face legal consequences.

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