‘Pearl Necklaces’ Made From Semen Are TikTok’s Hottest New Jewelry Trend

Pieces of jewelry made from semen are becoming an increasingly popular accessory thanks to Amanda Booth, an artist who transforms bodily fluids into pearl-like “gems”—and documents the process on TikTok.

In a recent interview with VICE, Booth explained that she already had experience of crafting commemorative clay jewelry out of the cremated ashes of people’s loved ones, as well as locks of hair, pet fur, and even breastmilk. She turned her attention to “jizzy jewelry” after one of her followers on TikTok jokingly asked her if she’d ever consider using semen as a medium.

The result “turned out fantastic,” and she soon began taking cum-missions from her subscribers. Customers collect their semen sample in a “mail-safe container” and ship it to Booth, who then combines it with clay and creates a bespoke polymer sculpture, before baking it in an oven until it dries and sets.

Some of Booth’s clientele find the idea of wearing their partner’s semen on their body to be sexy or even romantic, with one customer saying: “My partner loves to say things like ‘you’re gonna be wearing my nut on your finger’ and ‘they’re in your dms but that’s my nut on her hand,’ he thinks it’s the coolest and sexiest thing I’ve done besides carrying his child.”

Others in the kink community, according to the VICE article, use the “pearl necklace” as a kind of collar to signify the dom/sub nature of their relationship.

“Nothing says commitment and love like LITERALLY carrying their love with you,” another customer said. “It’s strange but it is a very intimate and sentimental thing to get.”

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