Police Hospital to conduct mass burial for 120 unidentified bodies

The Ghana Police Hospital has announced that it will soon organise a mass burial service for some 120 unidentified and unclaimed bodies.

This, the hospital said is part of routine measures to decongest the hospital mortuary.

The Hospital’s Public Affairs Directorate, DSP Yaw Nketia-Yeboah, in a statement, has said that the unidentified and unclaimed bodies cover those from November 2019 to present.

“These unidentified and unclaimed bodies are made up of mostly paupers, unknown former patients, abandoned bodies, and unidentified accident and crime victims,” excerpts of the statement available to theghanareport.com reads.

The Police Hospital has, therefore, given the general public 21 days to “contact the Pathology Department of the Police Hospital for identification of the persons who might have not been seen for some time”.

The Hospital also advised the general public to carry identification cards for easy identification in the event of an accident.

Read below the statement from the Hospital


Authorities at the hospital have for years been issuing warnings about mass burials if relatives of the dead in its morgue fail to come for them.

November 2019

On November 16, 2019, the  Police Hospital warned that it was set to carry out a mass burial for 120 unknown and unclaimed bodies, which had been in the mortuary since August 2019.

They include unidentified victims of road accidents, paupers, abandoned bodies, crime victims, and unknown patients.

November 2018

On November 21, 2018, the Police Hospital administration announced that 150 unknown and unclaimed bodies in the hospital’s morgue would be given mass burial in December.

The exercise, the hospital says, forms part of routine measures to decongest the Police Hospital mortuary.

April 2018

On April 25, 2018, the Police Hospital Administration warned that it would embark on a mass burial for about 120 unknown and unclaimed bodies as part of a routine measure to decongest the Police Hospital Mortuary.

November 2017

On November 11, 2017, the Police Hospital announced a mass burial for some 120 unknown and unclaimed bodies as part of routine measures to decongest the hospital mortuary.


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