Police officer jailed for negligence leading to suspect’s death

A police officer has been sentenced to 30 months imprisonment for negligently causing harm and dangerous cycling, resulting in the death of a motorcycle rider.

The Ho Circuit Court presided over by Felix Datsomor found Corporal Kwasi Yeboah guilty on the charges of negligently causing harm contrary to Section 72 of Act 29, 1960 and dangerous cycling.

He was convicted after the trial, which lasted for three years. He was given 30 days for each count, but the sentences are to run concurrently.

The facts of the case are that the complainant, Emmanuel Awuku is an elder brother of the deceased. At the same time, the convict is a policeman stationed at Kadjebi and formerly stationed at Tefle, Sogakope Police station.

On August 8, 2018, the deceased, Gabriel Azilaku, was riding a motorbike with goods.

The convict, who was on duty at the Sogakope barrier upon seeing the deceased with the goods, suspected smuggling.

The convict then chased the deceased with his motorbike with registration number M-17-AS737 on the Sogakope – Accra road.

On reaching the Sogakope barrier, the convict, who got close to the deceased, used his leg to push the motorbike of the deceased.

The deceased lost control and collided with another oncoming motorbike, resulting in an accident, causing the deceased to sustain head injuries.

Per the facts, he was rushed to the Sogakope hospital but died while on admission.

The prosecution said the convict, after causing harm, left the deceased and the other victim and returned to his duty post at the barrier.

The case was reported to the Sogakope Police station for investigations.

The case docket was forwarded to the Attorney General department for advice, based on which the convict was charged.

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