Provide level-playing field for all presidential candidates – NPP founding member

Mr Isaac Kwabena Sarkodie Boahin, a Founding member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bono East Region, has called for fair and a level-playing field for the various aspirants contesting in the party’s impending Presidential Primaries.

He said an equal opportunity to aspirants would greatly help the delegates to make inform decisions and elect the best candidate to lead the NPP to retain political power in the Election 2024.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Kintampo, Mr Boahin said, “if the leadership of the party is able to provide fair and level playing field to all aspirants devoid of biases, then we can make a headway in the next general election.”

“The same must happen in the Parliamentary primaries because imposition of candidates who are not the choice of the masses would narrow our political fortunes in the elections,” he added.

Mr Boahin reminded the NPP delegates that the party had a herculean task to retain political power in 2024, and asked them not to be swayed by monetary gains, instead vote for candidates who had the ability and capability to lead the party to total victory.

“We must consider a candidate who is well marketable, easier to communicate with the masses and has the ability and charisma to lure the electorate for more votes,” he added.

Mr Boahin also appealed to the delegates to pick parliamentary candidates who were capable to win or retain their parliamentary seats.

“Don’t allow them to camp you somewhere and lure you with money and gifts because if you allowed that, then it would be tough for the party to make impact in the election 2024,” he stated, and called on the leadership of the NPP to discourage the practice of some aspirants camping and inducing delegates with money.

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