Put your career on hold and focus on your artistes’ – Mr Logic to D Black

Artiste manager and showbiz pundit Mr. Logic have said he doesn’t agree with D-Black’s artiste management style and that he should put his career aside and focus on his signees.

D-Black is the owner of Black Avenue Muzik – the record that houses Sefa and Nina Richie, and former home to Freda Rhymz, Kobla Jnr, Wisa Greid, and Dahlin Gage.

Discussing the exit of four artists from D-Black’s label, Mr. Logic has suggested that the rapper can only be successful in managing his artists if he puts his career aside and puts his concentration on them.

“It doesn’t make sense to pack six or seven artists on the same label. [Managing a label] is not about the money, it is concentration. You need to concentrate on a particular artiste [at a time],” Logic said on Hitz FM on Tuesday, July 13.


“An artist like Kobla Jnr; you need to give him time and push for people to appreciate him because one or two songs won’t do the magic. Consistency is key, you understand. So, if you have over seven artists on the same label, there will be divided attention. It won’t work. I think it was the same reason why Freda Rhymz also left with the other guys.”


He said D-Black should emulate Richie Mensah’s style of management to be able to hit the nail on its head.


“And as an artist trying to manage other artistes, D-Black would have to put down his career for a while. I do singing but I’ve not been able to sing because I have artists I manage. I needed to stop singing. If it’s about events and tours, I have to put my artistes on.”


“It’s hard to manage an artiste and be active like D-Black is doing. So, I don’t agree with his style of management. You know Richie [Mensah] had to retire as well to be able to push Kuami Eugene, KiDi, and the rest.”


“It was wrong for D-Black to have all these talented artists on his label. Freda Rhymz is a very talented artist but where is she today? She left for a new label and we haven’t heard from her again. Almost everybody has left. Freda would have been a great rapper if she was given the attention as the main artiste for a moment.”


He added: “You’ve gotten seven artists. You need to strategize; this year is Kobla Jnr’s year, everybody should wait. That’s how you project them. The following year, you can jump on Freda. But you can’t have everyone dropping songs, crisscrossing anyhow. Music is a product; you need to give it an attention and marketing strategy.”

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