Radio presenter recounts stealing church money to buy heroin, cocaine

Ghanaian radio presenter Eric Noah King has recounted how drug addiction drove him to a point of stealing from church offertory.

Speaking on Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM, he sold all his belongings, stopped working, and spent his time in ghettos because of drugs.

Noah King explained that his addiction was so strong that it got to a time, he was even pilfering money from the offertory bowl in the church so he could buy crack to satisfy his cravings.

“I was a personal assistant to a man of God and when the offering came and we were counting the money, I would be picking some of the envelopes,” he revealed.

“None of my family members wants to have anything to do with me,” he told the host, Kwame Dadzie.

After 25 years of doing drugs, he finally broke away from the shackles of addiction through prayers and the will to be free.

According to him, it is very impossible for anyone who is into drugs to quit, if they don’t set their minds to it and do not pray about it.

“It’s a spiritual thing, so if you take spirituality out of cocaine and heroin addiction, you’ve missed the goal, you’ve missed the mark. Trust me,” he said.

Noah King recounted that he got into drugs even before he got into radio. He said after completing his O’Level education, he went to a club one day when after having a chat with a lady, a friend suggested to him, he could boost his confidence in talking to women by using heroin mixed with weed. After trying it, he got used to it.

Talking about the last time he used any drug, and how he is healing from the act, the 46-year-old broadcaster said that for the past 14 months, he has been able to stay away from any form of drug.

“I have quit drugs for good,” he said in the interview.

Recounting his life-changing story, he spoke about how he finally decided to give up on drugs after an encounter with Apostle Cobi Gbingor Washington, the Chief Executive Officer of Chosen Rehab Centre.

“I realised that I needed to eat the humble pie, come down low and then see what God would do in my life if I chose a rehab centre. And trust me even since I stepped foot at the Chosen Rebab Centre my life has been transformed for good. I am now indomitable like the sand, impeccable like the moon and inexplicable like the stars. This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvellous in our eyes,” he noted.

Even after his pastor enrolled him in Trinity Theological College, he was still doing drugs.

Currently receiving treatment at the Chosen Rehab Centre in Accra, he has also been appointed the Communications Director of the centre.

Noah King used to be a drive-time presenter in the early 2000s at Peace FM. He was inspired by Azigiza Jnr., to get into radio. He said Azigiza actually trained him on how to use the turntables to play music.

He worked with radio stations in Techiman, Brekum, Nkawkaw and Accra.


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