Re: Manasseh Azure Awuni: Government’s Threat to Shut Down Joy FM and Tame MTN

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has noted with concern an Opinion Piece by Mr Manasseh Azure Awuni containing grave inaccuracies, titled Government’s Threat to Shut Down Joy FM and Tame MTN.

It should be noted that the two (2) issues that the writer speaks about (Reclassification of FM Radio Coverage, which process commenced in 2013, and Declaration of Significant Market Power (SMP) in relevant markets, which process commenced in 2014), are in court.

Mr. Azure Awuni, as a seasoned and well-respected journalist, should have refrained from commenting in such a prejudicial manner on issues that have been put before court for determination by the parties that he seeks to defend. Further, Mr. Awuni owed the public a duty to have contacted the NCA for its side of the story.

The Authority, in respect to the court and the laws of the land, will refrain from making any prejudicial comments thereto.

For the avoidance of doubt, all regulatory actions undertaken by the NCA are well intended to among others, protect the interests of consumers, promote competition in the provision of communications services and to serve the public interest. In doing so, the NCA acts in accordance with the relevant regulatory and legal framework. The general public is therefore entreated to disregard news, information and opinions which claim otherwise.

The NCA will continue to discharge its duties as required by the law and will also continue to ensure that all licensed and authorised players within the industry comply accordingly.



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