Reconsider operational guidelines for cinemas and theatres – GTA told

The First Chairman for Nollywood-Ghana Chapter, Destiny Austine Omon, has called on the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) to reconsider operational guidelines for cinemas and theatres across the country.

According to him, the laid down operational guidelines by the GTA restricts movie producers to earn their money considering the mandatory social distancing to be observed.

According to him, considering the challenges faced by the Ghanaian movie industry, GTA should exercise some restraint to help revive the movie industry and also help movie producers make their profits.

“Business filmmakers in the country are suffering due to the current situation of our cinemas. Most of us depend on the revenue gained from the premiere of our movies at the cinemas. It’s almost one year since I produced the ‘Ogbozo’ movie and have since not premiered it,” he stated.

The Ghana Tourism Authority recently released operational guidelines for cinemas and theatres after announcing the government’s plan to ease restrictions. Cinema and theatre operators were asked to apply for a permit before they will be allowed to open their doors and also follow the guidelines that have been placed under 12 categories including Entrance/Exit Protocols, Ticketing, among others.

“GTA operational guidelines are great especially when the country is recording cases of the COVID-19 new variants, but ensuring some of the protocols including ensuring that the cinema is half to capacity, the stress in seeking for approval from the GTA, regular disinfection of the interior of cinema hall/theatre among other guidelines will drain our coffers and deter people from patronizing our tickets,” he pointed out.

The Ghanaian-based Nigerian veteran movie producer is the brain behind movies such as ‘Indian Money’, ‘Church Wahala’, ‘Last Card’, ‘The King With No Culture’, ‘Inner Woman’, ‘Uncrushable’, and ‘Ogbozo’ among others.

He was recently awarded the 2020 Emerging Movie Award as the best cinematographer, best movie director, and best virtual effect of the year with the movie ‘King With No Culture’.

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