Rescind my leave directive – Domelevo tells Akufo-Addo

Auditor-General, Daniel Domelevo, has asked President Nana Akufo-Addo to withdraw the directive on him to proceed on his ‘accumulated leave’.

Mr Domelevo suggested the presidential directive was potentially unlawful.

“I consider it an honour to be of service to the State and urge that you reconsider the directive in order to protect the sanctity of the labour law, the Constitution and the independence of the Auditor-General which is of utmost importance in so far as ensuring that the constitutional principles of probity, transparency and accountability are concerned,” Dr Domelevo stated.

The president had asked Domelevo to take some 123 days off work after accumulating his leave since appointed in December 2016.

The presidency said it had noted that since his appointment, the anti-corruption campaigner had taken only nine days off work.

He was asked to hand over to his deputy.

Responding to the presidency’s letter, Mr. Domelevo said he has complied with the directive “out of deference of the Office of His excellency the President of Ghana and also out of the deep-seated respect I have for the office.”

He has proceeded on leave since July 1, the statement said.

Nonetheless, he had issues with the president’s statement.

Domelevo discounted the president’s claim that he had accumulated his leave.

The Auditor-General said, according to the labour law, a worker forfeits his leave if he does not take it within a particular year.

It was therefore erroneous for it to be suggested that he had accumulated annual leave of 123 working days in the letter asking him to proceed on leave, the statement said.

He indicated that Ghana’s law also permits a worker to waive of his leave.

Daniel Domelevo said he was also concerned that handing over to his deputy has “serious implications for the constitutional independence of the office of the Auditor-General”.

The A-G also said there is a pending court case requires him to conduct some work and respond appropriately to the Supreme Court.

The case involves private firm Kroll and Associates, whom the A-G said had been paid approximately $1m for no work done.

The A-G has been dragged to court over the matter by Senior Minister Yaw Osafo Maafo, who contracted the firm.

In order to finalise a response to the court, the Auditor-General “is to inspect documents or evidence of work done for the Senior Minister before going back to the Supreme Court,” Mr Domelevo explained.

He noted that he has 10 days from June 24 to finalise the work and have lawyers file a response in court.

In view of that, Mr Domelevo has requested that President Akufo-Addo withdraws the order for him to take compulsory leave.

Mr Domelevo highlighted that it was clear that his work “is embarrassing the government” due to some public officials who have come under scrutiny.

He cited several appointees of the President who have not taken leave since 2017 which “give the impression that the decision (on him) is not in good faith”.

Below is the full statement:


  1. Anonymous says

    As he earlier said, “when you fight corruption, corruption flights you back”

  2. Anonymous says

    This is political witch-hunting

  3. Anonymous says

    How can the cockroach have justice in a court of fowls? It won’t happen, my brother!

  4. Anonymous says

    Fighting corruption in disguise. There are a lot of rot that took under the erstwhile administration. Why did he not have interest in the double salary scandal, military air buses saga etc.

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