Sammy Gyamfi justifies ‘I can’t breath’ cartoon

The National Communications Officer of the opposition NDC, Sammy Gyamfi, has defended his social media post which sought to draw similarities between the gruesome murder of a black man in the US and the EC’s decision to compile a new voters register.

“Nothing wrong with sharing a cartoon which draws a parallel between the painful xenophobic murder of George Floyd, and the evil attempt by the GH EC to disenfranchise millions of eligible voters through a xenophobic voter register,” he said in a Facebook post.

Many social media users descended heavily of Mr Gyamfi, describing his cartoon as insensitive to the death of the black man, George Floyd.

Sammy Gyamfi condemned for comparing new register to Floyd’s death

But Sammy Gyamfi disagrees.

“This cartoon doesn’t mock the painful xenophobic murder of George Floyd or seek to exploit same for political capital in any way.

“Floyd was choked to death, while screaming for breath.
In GH today, the Jean Mensah-led EC is seeking to disenfranchise millions of eligible voters through a xenophobic voter register. The potential victims of this grave injustice, are screaming for breath. They are screaming for their inalienable right to vote,” he justified.

The black man, George Floyd, was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis in the US after the officer knelt on his neck till he could no longer breath.

His death has since sparked a wave of protests across the United States of America and social media platforms across the globe.

Meanwhile, some social media users including musician, Sarkodie, are demanding an apology from Sammy Gyamfi over his post.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Sammy should apologists for what? Is it not true the Ghana Ec is Choking most Ghanaian by disenfranchising for registering? Have you read the statement from the Fulani leaders. Ful If you think Fulanis are not Ghanaians, then the wife of the Vice President is not a Ghanaian,Abu Ramadan and his father who is an Ambassador of Ghana in Saudi Arabia cannot be a Ghanaian. This is what Sammy’s Carton is talking about but not to mock at the death of George Floyd’ death. Let truth be told once and for all.

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