Sammy Lazio features Keche Joshua on Chosen One

Hiplife musician, Sammy Lazio has released his latest single titled Chosen One which features Keche Joshua of Keche fame.

According to Sammy Lazio, he was motivated to write the song based on the fact that marriages are currently facing break up since we are not in normal times.

“People get married and it doesn’t even take a week and they are divorced, sometimes they get divorced after about a year and they have kids who tend to suffer as a result.

“I thought about all these and said let me just write a song. This song addresses marital issues and love as a whole, before you go in for someone as your partner you guys need to be compatible, you should study each other and know that staying together will be easy.

Love should be unconditional but these days, relationships are conditional. Know that when you are going into marriage you are going into it for life, the institution of marriage is a lifetime thing,” he stated

“It is for my fans out there who have a perfect relationship, the chosen one. They should keep them well because if you have such a partner and you lose them, you might not get that type of person again so handle them with care.

“As the lyrics of the song says, Odo Bi Ye Owu so if you have that perfect partner, do well not to lose them.

“I would like to thank Cee Jay for putting the beats together for me and Scripture who always records me in the studio and to all my fans for their support, they should keep supporting me and know that I will always bring them great stuff,” he said.

Chosen One is available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok as well as streaming platforms including audiomark, boomplay, Spotify, apple music among others.

Sammy Lazio would like to dedicate the song to the fans and everybody who has the right person in his or her life.



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