Scathing reactions greet Yvonne Jegede’s apology over comment on Yul-May Edochie saga


The internet never forgets or forgives. This is a fact top actress, Yvonne Jegede has had to find out the hard way over her stand on polygamy.

The actress had said on Nedu’s podcast, Honest Bunch, that she sees nothing wrong in polygamy, bringing to the fore the story of May Edochie, whose actor husband, Yul Edochie impregnated and married another actress, Judy Austin.

The saga rocked the internet, with many siding with May for the shake-up in her marriage. Not long after, she lost a son too, further compounding her woes and pains.

To Netizens, this is something Jegede shouldn’t have made light of and they gave her a piece of their minds regardless of her apology.

“Upon reflecting on the interview, I realise that my words were not articulated in a way that conveyed my true intentions and I have been misconstrued as insensitive, particularly towards Mrs May Edochie, a woman who has endured significant pain and hardship occasioned by estranged marriage,” she writes in a letter made public via her Instagram page.

She said that her intention was to highlight the important societal issues depicted in her new movie titled “A Father’s Love”, adding that her remark about polygamy is to reflect its cultural context in our society.

But what greeted her apology was a deluge of condemnations and unsavory remarks.

Here are some reactions

@just_ifeoluwa, “You fit still be celebrity make you no wise, wisdom is profitable to direct. Remind me how many children did May has for Yul?.and you think she decided to walk away because she wanted to? Nobody, absolutely no one runs away from PEACE……… Aunty at that podcast you were insensitive all through. Let’s all imagine that May was the one that got pregnant for another man and decided to marry the two both of them?￰゚リツ?￰゚リツ. The problem is with some of you women, a man won’t treat you right if you don’t know your worth. That’s why they always treat some of you like USB cord. You are supporting Yul because you can’t do what MAY did. May na woman. She’s a mother……… Such mother’s deserves PEACE. LOVE and the FINEST THINGS OF LIFE.”

@rudemikardobolton1974, “Stop being crafty with ur fake apology you daughter of what I don’t know! You actually knew what you were doing when you foooooolishly made that outrageous utterances because you stoooopidly emphatically said you know people would come for you. You are only tendering this apology because it’s now affecting your brand and craft beyond your anticipation. Some of you look good outwardly till you open your mouth before people understand how br@inless some of you are. You were so comfortable vomiting that rubbish with your chest and the idi@ts there were clapping and hailing you. MAY non be ur class, non be ur mate and can never be ur mate”.

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@akugz­_ke, “ Some of us we can’t wear May’s big shoes?..just imagine as your trying to digest the fact that your husband is making a public announcement to the world of a new woman then after a year u lose your SON(Rest with angels son) but have u ever asked your self wat that boy died from? Because we very well know for 17yrs the boy was healthy it’s ….it’s after one year of her dad’s announcement on ig tht he died ? Do u know the pain of losing a child to UNKNOWN stuff? Queen May will never cry for YUL but she will surely cry for her Baby…YOU see that woman there she still chose PEACE even in the midst of such storm that would put every believer to a test….Most of us always want her to retaliate ,to be bitter ,to roar…NO SHE WON’T!! BUT can u put be in her shoes for only …Have u ever wondered wat she thinks of the portraits in her home with her son there and he is gone like will never see her again ….tht woman has mixed emotions but she will still be CALM …that woman wants answers probably she will never get ….LEAVE THAT WOMAN ALONE ….CAN U EVEN CrARRY YOUR SELF WITH GRACE THT SHE HAS MANAGED TO…MOST OF US WOULD BE ALOVER THE PLACE …BUT SHE IS DOING HER STUFF MINDING HER BUINESS ABUSING NO ONE!!”

@ekeomabeauty9, “ Your apology is for your film to move the market not because you are sorry ma..

Cos u made it clear that “ they will com for u “ that means u knew what u r saying.. u aren’t dronk neither was it under duress all u said was what has been in ur mind , n from ur heart ..

So is like u have waited for an opportunity like this to com ….

We aren’t daft we understood all u said ..

My shock is this r0bish was coming out from a lady I had so much respect n regard for..

I think so much highly of u ..

But u no what, u fall our hands…

U can’t just com n write r0bish apology n expect us to erase it from our mind ..

Before u block me let me unfollow u.”

@magic_mua1, “To be honest, you were very out of line and it seems like you were actually very happy it happened to May . At the end of the day we all know as women how hurtful what Yul did and for such a remark from someone with so much influence you really touched a raw wound . No need to apologize though you said your truth.

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