Scores of tourists lament the poor sanitation condition of most beaches

Scores of Tourists have expressed concern over the poor condition of most beaches in the country as one is confronted with heaps of rubbish washed ashore most times.

The tourists told the Ghana News Agency during a tour of some of the beaches including Labadi Beach, and Sakumono Beach, among others that the Ghana Tourism Authority and stakeholders must work together to clean the beaches.

Mr. Gilbert Kwame Monney Chief Executive Officer of Frisberry Beach Bar at Kpone also lamented over the poor sanitation at the beach making the sea dirty and unhygienic. He urged the authorities to enforce the law against polluting the sea with waste materials.

Mr. Monney stated that to ensure proper patronage of his bar, “normally I organize my staff to clean the beach before we start operating. The trash that comes from the ocean makes the beach untidy”.
He emphasized that even though the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly had played its role in helping to maintain hygiene at the seashore “my workers and I do tidy up the place before our business commences early morning”.

The Municipal Health Director at the Assembly brought workers – the Zoomlion agency to aid in cleaning the place by breaking the shorelines because it was the responsibility, he said.

Moreover, for about six months now the rubbish at the shorelines has been neglected because “we were told not to bury the trash or burn it because the cleaning agents will dispose of it,” he said.

There is rubbish hipped right at the entrance which has made the place unclean and unattractive.
Mr. Monney urged other entities operating at the beaches to help maintain the environment, “we are contemplating engaging a waste management company to help maintain the place”.


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