Seafood: Basel Salmon With Onions

The favorite fish in Switzerland’s northern port city of Basel is the salmon caught in the Rhine River. Once it was the custom to give one of the highly prized salmon as a gift to each visiting dignitary. Today, visitors to this inviting Swiss city can dine on the Salmon in any of the superb restaurants. This this the special local way of preparing it.

Saute the onions in 3 tablespoons of butter in a small skillet until tender. Remove from the heat and keep warm. Sprinkle the salmon with salt and pepper and dredge each steak on both sides with flour.

Heat 6 tablespoons of butter in a large skillet and add the salmon. Pan-fry gently over medium heat for about 10 minutes, or until fork tender. Remove to a platter and keep warm. Spoon the onions over the salmon. Pour the wine into the pan drippings. Scrape with a fork and bring quickly to a boil. Pour over the salmon.

Sprinkle the parsley over the top and serve garnished with lemon slices.


2 medium onions, thinly sliced.

9 tablespoons butter.

4 salmon steaks, about 1 inch thick.

Salt, and pepper to taste.


Half cup dry white wine.

One-third cup chopped fresh parsley.

1 large lemon, sliced.

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