Security Tightened In Wa Over Serial Killings

Source The Ghana Report

Recently, residents in Wa have been living in fear following the killing of innocent private security guards in the Upper West Region. In just five months, ten have been killed in the region, mostly around the Wa area, under bizarre circumstances.

As a result of the serial killings, some residents of Wa convened on Friday, 16 September, 2022 at Wa Secondary Technical to protest.

On Sunday, the Police discovered a human body in a shallow grave in Wa suspected to be the latest victim. As a result of this inhumane act, the Police in Wa have promised to tighten up security protocols in the Region.

“We wish to assure residents of the Wa Municipality and its environs that the special intelligence and investigation teams will continue to work around the clock with assistance from the affected communities to bring the perpetrators to face justice.”

Police in a statement said “Operations and combat teams have also saturated the area to ensure the safety and security,” for everyone.

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