Self-Acclaimed doctor loses defamation suit, ordered to compensate the accused

Source The Ghana Report

A self-Acclaimed, Richard Kwadwo Owusu Nyarko who sued six Kumasi Club members for defamation in the Ashanti region has lost his appeal.

Richard Kwadwo Owusu Nyarko paraded himself as an accomplished doctor having worked for years at hospitals all around Ghana yet it was without the required license.

Richard was contracted as a medical consultant for some members of the Kumasi Club when he joined the group in 2012.

He is alleged to have given unprofessional drug prescriptions which led to the death of one client, while other victims developed medical complications.

After several consultations and due diligence, the Trustees of the Club uncovered what they described as the quackery of Richard Nyarko.

Lawyer of the Kumasi Club, Kennedy Kwarteng, says after he was exposed to members of the Club to be fake, Richard Kwadwo Owusu Nyarko sued the leadership for its claim at the Kumasi High Court for defamation.

But the court threw out the defamation suit, and the self-acclaimed doctor was asked by the Court to pay 100,000 cedis to each of the six accused.

But Richard Kwadwo Owusu Nyarko took the matter to the Court of Appeal seeking to quash the High Court ruling.

The Court of Appeal in Kumasi, presided by three Justices failed to heed his appeal.

The Judges, however, showed leniency by reducing the 100,000 fine to 20,000 for each of the six respondents.

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