Shatta Wale has to pay the price for his actions – Efia Odo

Although Efia Odo understands Shatta Wale’s actions, she believes he needs to pay for putting everyone in a state of fear and panic.

While narrating how she felt when she received the news that Shatta Wale was shot to Zionfelix, Efia Odo revealed that she thought it was real until the police stepped in.

“I don’t know if it was a publicity stunt or Wale trying to show these prophets to stop playing with his name… I feel like Wale was just trying to show a lesson that these prophets shouldn’t play with his name… but he is also learning his own lesson. I think he has to pay the price of his actions. Although what he did, he did it in a wrong way, I understand what he did.”

Efia Odo added that she would not join the #FreeShattaWale campaign because she believes it to be a useless venture.

“He knows right from wrong. So I don’t feel like I need to write #FreeShattaWale because what is it going to do? … And hopefully, from now on, the pastors will stop playing with his name, and he will always be more careful.”

She cautioned the ‘Prophet’s of Doom’ to be more conservative with where and who they publicize this otherwise intimate conversations with God.

“And these prophets, honestly, you guys need to stop. When God reveals something of that nature to you, try and find a way to get to that person directly. Don’t go on your platform or pulpits to say these things. I think most of the time, they do because they want to have the bragging rights when it happens.”

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