Singer Jean Feier Out With Lay It Down

Lay it down, a fusion of Alte and Amapiano “tells the story of loving the best version of someone but having to accept that the romance is short-lived.

Early listeners who are familiar with Jean Feier’s Lo-fi sound and eclectic writing from Soundcloud, will be pleasantly surprised by how even on an Amapiano-based record, her DNA shines through

The song presents a tempo that is mellowed out by clear piano keys, violins, and poignant writing with the mood of the song giving  “a translucent place where heartbreak meets self-affirmation”.

She says “I wrote this song at the end of a very meaningful relationship.”

According to the sensational singer “It is a reminder not to take the person that is loving you for granted. The grass is rarely greener for a greedy person. I think we are all a little too obsessed with picking a partner and not enough about building our relationship with God or the community He gave us.”

He was the sweetest person but his affections for me became unclear. I started suspecting all types of things and started withdrawing emotionally.

The beat was made by South African producer Silas Beat, with additional production by Jean Feier.


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