Sir Ian McKellen falls off stage during performance

Sir Ian McKellen has been taken to hospital after falling off stage during a performance of Player Kings at the Noël Coward theatre in London.

The 85-year-old actor was in a fight scene when he lost his footing and fell. It is not clear whether he has sustained any injuries.

The audience was evacuated from the theatre and informed that the evening show was cancelled.

Player Kings is a production of Henry IV, Parts One and Two, and started its 12-week West End run in April.
Sir Ian – who plays John Falstaff – was circling a battle scene involving the Prince of Wales and Henry Percy, when he fell off the front of the stage. As the house lights came up, the actor cried out in pain and staff rushed to help.

One member of the audience told the BBC the incident was “very shocking”.
“I really hope that he is going to be alright,” Sandro Trapani said.
“As far as I saw, he was conscious because he was asking for assistance.”

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