Sosu sues IGP over attempted arrest

Source The Ghana Report

Madina MP Francis-Xavier Sosu has sued the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr George Akuffo Dampare, following the controversies surrounding the demonstration held in his constituency.

On October 25, the MP is said to have led some of his constituents to demonstrate against poor roads in the constituency.

Since the protest, there has been a back and forth between the MP, parliament and the police.

The police invited the MP to assist with further investigations regarding the demonstration but all attempts to get the MP before the investigation team were unsuccessful.

Subsequently, the police sought permission from the Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin to invite the lawmaker to assist in investigations.

However, Mr Bagbin declined to release him.

A criminal summons was subsequently obtained after several failed attempts to arrest him for his alleged breach of the law.

On two occasions, the MP failed to appear before the Kaneshie District Court, where he has been accused of unlawfully blocking a road and destroying public property during the protest.

The Speaker of Parliament explained that the MP was out of the country on parliamentary business at the last court hearing.

In a sudden twist, the MP has filed a motion at the Human Rights Division of an Accra High Court against the police administration.

The legislator, in a suit, is seeking a stay of all criminal investigations and proceedings against him by the police over a recent demonstration in his constituency.

He further explained in his suit that he had not offended the law to warrant his arrest. He said prior to the demonstration, he had notified the police of the intended protest.

The Madina MP narrated that in the morning before he got to the community, the youth had already mobilised themselves and were blocking roads, burning tyres, and together with the police, they spoke to the youth who de-escalated even before the demonstration and protest started.

The MP insisted that the demonstration was a peaceful one where there was no destruction of public property and no casualties recorded.

He believes the attempt by the police to arrest him without any justifiable cause breached his fundamental human rights as a Ghanaian and believed that the exercise of discretionary powers by the police was also in flagrant breach of Article 296 of the Constitution.

Mr Sosu is therefore seeking an order enforcing his fundamental human rights including his rights to freedom of movement, to protest and demonstrate.

He also wants an order that the attempt by the officers of the IGP to arrest him on 25 October 2021 without telling him the reasons for the arrest and attempts by the officers to arrest him at church, were unlawful.

Again, he is seeking a declaration by the court that the conduct of the IGP was in breach of the standards of fairness and reasonableness under Article 23, proper use of discretion under Article 296.

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