South Africa leader to face probe over campaign funding

South Africa’s governing party officials have said President Cyril Ramaphosa will appear before an integrity commission to answer questions about a controversial campaign donation.

But Jessie Duarte, a senior member of the African National Congress, did not specify when Mr Ramaphosa would present himself before the party panel.

In a report, South Africa’s anti-corruption watchdog alleged that Mr Ramaphosa had misled parliament about money he received in 2017, worth more than $36,000 (£27,000).

Mr Ramaphosa maintains it was a donation towards his campaign for the ANC leadership.

Ramaphosa has staked his reputation on cleaning up South African politics since he replaced former president Jacob Zuma 2 years ago, but he has been constrained by factional battles in the ANC, where a section of the party remains loyal to Zuma.

“He [Ramaphosa] has made contact with the integrity committee and he will be presenting himself there for a discussion on the CR17 funds,” said ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte during an interview on eNCA television.

CR17 funds refer to the campaign donations Ramaphosa received in 2017 when he was running for the ANC leadership.

Members of the ANC have been removed from their posts as a result of the commission’s past recommendations.

Zuma, facing trial for graft, on Friday accused him of bringing the party into disrepute – a sign of growing divisions within the ANC. The party was holding its national executive committee conference this weekend.


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