St. Louis student raped during evening studies

A student of the St. Louis SHS in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi, was raped on the school premises Saturday night.

According to a report on Citi FM, monitored by theghanareport.com, the victim was studying in a classroom with a friend somewhere after 10 pm.

The friend of the victim left the class and moments after her friend left, the unfortunate event occurred.

An unidentified man then barged into the class, grabbed and dragged her to a bushy area and raped her.

The culprit immediately bolted afterwards.

The regional police command also confirmed the victim’s report and has began investigations.

The victim has been sent to the hospital and is still receiving treatment.

The victim who was preparing for the WASSCE exams went to prep but had overstayed, according to the report.

But the victim stayed behind to do more studies ahead of the WASSCE.

According to the Citi FM report, the police believe the culprit carefully monitored the movements of the students and attacked the student after he saw a clear vulnerability.

The police also believe that the culprit did not pass through the main entrance but rather scaled over the wall of the school which is rather short.

This event has caused anxiety in the school. Prep is a daily feature on campus.

The school authorities have refused to speak on the issue but have said that investigations are going on about the issue.

  1. Salam Ramani says

    Students should abide by prep scheduled hours in schools, and also avoid studying alone in the night.

    Boarding schools should recruit more security men and enforce night patrols , especially during preps hours.

  2. Religion is perfection says

    Boarding schools should make sure that security is tight. Unknown persons are always passing through the domitries. During our school time, we were always scared due to such incidents. Its final exams, so even when prep is over, we still overstayed to go through everything we have learnt. Is the school authorities duty to make sure every student doesn’t come to harm. Shortage of security men in boarding schools. God protect all the students oh.

  3. Anonymous says

    Aww soo sad preps shld be cancelled bcos itz leading 2many problems

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