Steve Harvey Urges Black Americans To Visit Ghana Often

American comedian, actor, and TV host Steve Harvey has entreated Black Americans to visit Africa, especially Ghana, to get to know more of the Ghanaian culture.

In an interview shared by Nigerian YouTuber Walethewave1, Harvey opined that Ghana is blessed with many natural resources, good people, and rich culture.

Therefore, those in the diaspora should visit Ghana before visiting another country.

The second country he encouraged Black Americans or African-Americans to visit is Botswana, blessed with diamonds.

“Leave everything you’ve ever heard. After you go to Africa, you got to go to Ghana first, and then you need to go to Botswana because you need to see what we… (Pause.)”

He also highlighted Johannesburg as another essential destination for understanding the true nature of African people.

Furthermore, he lauded African musicians for their talent.

He discouraged criticisms against musicians like Burna Boy, Stonebwoy and others constantly accused of imitating others from Western countries.

“Africans are us mhen; they are the beat; they are the rhythm; they are the song. They are the hard work; we get our courage from them. When you see them, people, they look just like your family,” he added.



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