Stop listening to secular songs if you are a true Christian – Moses OK

Gospel musician Moses OK has revealed that one can lose heaven after obeying the ten commandments because listening to secular songs doesn’t support the spiritual growth of Christians.

According to the Gospel Minister, every Christian should stick to gospel music and not listen to any other song that will contaminate their spirituality.

The Ghanaian Gospel singer, born Moses Osei Kwarteng, during an interview with Onua TV/Onua FM entertainment journalist, Victor Kodom said Christians have no business in listening to secular songs because it does not edify them.

“You can’t listen to songs that do not carry the word of God, songs that don’t correspond with the scriptures. That’s why I don’t encourage people to listen to secular songs,” he said.

In the interview, Moses expatiated that words that are the lyrics of songs are spirit and it produces power, so he encouraged people to listen to songs that have the spirit of God, which is Gospel music.

“You can’t listen to any song as a believer, emphasizes good Christians. I’m not talking about those who just call themselves Christians, I’m talking about those who have the spirit of God in them,” 3news.com quoted him to have said.

“You have to listen to Gospel songs because whenever you consume music, the words come directly to your heart, which forms and frames your life. That’s the reason why God himself gave us his word, which is light onto our path,” he concluded.

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