Stop setting me up for ridicule – Clemento Suarez warns

Comic actor, Clemento Suarez, has expressed worry over a seemingly deliberate attempt by a section of the media to pitch him against his colleague comedians in order to make him look bad.

The actor, born Clement Ashiteye, said some media personnel are deliberately setting him up against some actors by conferring on him the best comic actor in the movie industry.

Speaking to The Ghana Report, the actor said even though he agrees with the claim that he is a good comedian, many colleagues of his in the industry may take offence to a more emphatic claim that he, Clemento Suarez, is the best comedian in Ghana.

“I am not the best, I am one of the best, I am still working hard to be the best but for now, Akrobeto, Lilwin, Dabo, Kweku Manu and others are the ones leading,” he said

The comic actor insists that even though his name may readily come to mind if anyone is to list top comedians in Ghana today, he will not profess to be the leader in the race.

“I really want to be the best so I am working hard towards it, so that when people say that, it won’t be a rumor, it will be straight facts,” he noted.

Commenting on the state of the Ghanaian movie industry, Clemento Suarez said a lot can be done to improve on the existing state of the industry.

He laments the challenges with screen acting saying it is much more challenging than stage productions.

“Comparing screen acting to stage theater, screen acting has been challenging but for me, I am not in competition with any of the screen comic actors so I am doing so in my own pace and speed, I will get there” he said.

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