Suspect free as 7-yr old defiled girl’s parents can’t afford GHc 200 for medical report

The family of a defiled seven-year-old girl is struggling to raise GHc 200 as a bill for the release of a medical report that will provide the evidence for the police to arrest the suspect.

The mother of the alleged victim, a laundress, in Agona Nyakrom in the Central Region, told that the family could not afford the money a doctor at the Swedru Government Hospital demanded to release the report.

“We don’t have that money. When I took her to the hospital, I had only GHc 30 cedis on me,” she said, as she made a passionate appeal for the public to help.

Narrating circumstances leading to the family’s plight, the victim’s mother said, “My daughter asked for money to go and ease herself. When she returned, she was not herself; she sat quietly. I asked what was wrong with her, she insisted she was ok. But later on, when I was bathing her, she cried when I was washing her private parts.

“I questioned her about what was wrong, but my daughter refused to talk,” she recalled.

Having noticed a swelling in the little girl’s vagina after a careful examination a few days later, the mother said she questioned her about it again, but the kindergarten pupil still kept quiet.

But the situation changed immediately she threatened to cane the girl and insert ginger into her private parts.

It was at this point that the girl confessed that on her way to the public toilet, a man called her and forcibly slept with her in his room.

Her angry mother asked about the identity of the man, whose name the little girl said she did not know, but led her mother to the location of the incident.

“The man, who is popularly known as Baba, said my daughter came to the house, but he didn’t do anything to her. He only inserted his fingers into her vagina.”

My father defiled me – admits girl – Kenyan Woman

Angry with what had happened, she said she went to the Agona Nyakrom Police Station, where she was issued a medical form on Friday, May 8.

She was told at the Nyakrom Health Centre that the doctor was attending to an emergency.

She returned to the police station, where she said the police advised that she could go later for the medical examination, and return for the appropriate action to be taken.

Not satisfied with that, she said she sent the girl to the Swedru Government Hospital, where the doctor confirmed that the girl had been defiled because her hymen was torn.

“The doctors said there were bruises inside her vagina to show that she has been sexually molested.

“The doctor said before the report could be released, I have to pay GHc 200, but I told them I had only GHc 30 on me.

“But he said the GHc 30 was not enough. The doctor said I needed to pay the GHc 200 before he could fill the police medical form.  Because he would be a witness during the trial when the case goes to court.

She, therefore, appealed to the public to come to her aid to enable her  get justice for her daughter.




  1. Bertha Jamal-Wensah says

    Please tell me that this has now been resolved. I would like to help pay for the bill.

    1. Please get in touch 0208001238

    2. Amos says

      Look sharp! This criminal can’t go free while the little girl suffers in silence! 😡

  2. Anonymous says

    So,.what a heck as a nation child of 7yrs have to pay pay for medical services..what is the use Ghana Health Card?.Is it of nothing that 7yr o year old girl defile and her medical report if not paid won’t be released and Ghana media don’t question the sort of health card system in our country?.Are we a ‘broke healthcare nation? But,we being told the state of the healthcare system in this gov’t is the best since the first republic!!

    1. Anonymous says

      Exactly! This should be free for the victim and maje the agressor pay after he’s been charged

  3. Talib says

    I will support this for the family to get justice .0244799623.they should get in touch

  4. Richmond A. says

    I just sent you a WhatsApp message, please get in touch. We as citizens ought to stand up for our fellow brethren who are not able to!

    1. Anonymous says

      Thank you, sir

  5. Anonymous says

    My goodness are you kidding me? Sometimes I really don’t get it. Where are all these feminists and women groups? That’s a shame.

    1. Anonymous says

      They may not have heard of the little girl’s plight for them to go to her aid. We, as citizens, can also help. Where do we send any help?

  6. Anonymous says

    Do we have to pay for such report at the hospital?
    Thanks to all those ready to help and to Manasseh too. May God bless you all.

  7. Anonymous says

    Please I want to help with 100 euros, this girl has blood running through here like my son, this guy has to face justice. Please how do I help.

  8. Anonymous says

    This is disgusting, words can’t adequately express how I feel. How do we protect girl children especially from these animalistic men, who dare call themselves as such. They ur worse than animals, their so called manhood shd be taken away from them-someone shd be made an eg of & hopefully this will STOP!! I wld like to help

  9. Anonymous says

    No fucking way would like to support ASAP what is this too sad

  10. Anonymous says

    Please, the case has been referred to the DVVSU of Agona West and investigation is ongoing.

  11. Marjorie says

    Please I would like to be kept informed as to the progress in this case. This is unacceptable and am prepared to take whatever measures necessary to seek justice for this child.

    1. Please keep reading for all the updates

  12. Please keep reading for all the updates

  13. Anonymous says

    Seth Bopke are you the one reporting this case?If yes then then I would like you to do a detailed report about the case because it seems what you telling readers is what you have heard from the mother of the victim. Yourself did not go to the hospital to find out what she is saying is true or not..Please go to hospital and find out which doctor examine the victim and the real fact surrounding the case…Because in this case only the doctor can proff who is saying the true because there so many inocent people in our prisons because they didn’t have any body to represent them court.This is a serious allegation

  14. Anonymous says

    Is there any update on the status of the case?

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