Suspected homosexuals escape mob attack in Nigeria

Two suspected homosexuals narrowly escaped a mob attack at Mile Three Park, a suburb of Port Harcourt.

The two were caught in a public toilet making out.

According to the Punch, one of them believed to be in his early 40s and identified as Stephen paid the toilet attendant, Vitalis Andrew, to use two different toilet rooms.

But another customer, who was using one of the toilets, heard loud moaning and suspected something was fishy.

Andrew claimed that the customer climbed the wall separating the two toilet rooms and saw Stephen having intercourse with his partner.

“This morning, one guy paid me to use the toilet, unknown to me that the person who stood by him was his sexual partner. The man entered, followed by his partner, and some minutes afterward, we started to hear loud moaning.

“When we peeped, we saw both of them making out. But before we could raise the alarm, they had run away. So, I went to where his (Stephen’s) car was parked and I could not find him. So, I called my Oga and he instructed me to find him and hold on. We have handed the man over to the police,” the attendant said.

The manager of the public toilet, Chamberline Dappa, said he called the police who came and rescued the suspect from the mob.

“This morning, I was coming from the house when my second called me that they caught somebody sleeping with his fellow man inside the public toilet, so I asked them to hold on until I come.

“Before I arrived at the place, the second person had run away. As I came in, I saw a crowd; all of them were eager to beat the man and I asked them not to. When I saw the situation and noticed that the crowd wanted to overpower me, I called the police.

“The police arrested him and we went to the station, where I made a statement. They asked me to present the eyewitness that saw them.

“I went to the man’s shop, but he was not there, so I reported back to the police to tell them that at 11:00 am, I will provide the witness.”

Confirming the incident, the spokesperson of the state Police Public Relations Officer, Nnamdi Omoni, said both suspects are now in custody.

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