Team lashed 3-0 after players are carried onto pitch to escape opponents’ ‘juju’ [VIDEO]

Superstition is not new to football and definitely not to the game in Ghana.

Who can forget the infamous match between Asante Kotoko and Aduana Stars where both sides refused to start with all 11 players?

A lot of teams do simple things like wear coloured bands (cloth) on their arms or legs and others, like, VRA Youngsters this weekend, take things much further.

It’s often brushed aside if the team wins but if, despite any “precautions”, they still lose, it’s quite embarrassing.

VRA Youngsters, a second division team based at Shama in the Western Region, were left red-faced this weekend when they faced Sekondi Eleven Wise.

In a bid to avoid Eleven Wise’s “juju”, the players of VRA youngsters opted to be carried onto the pitch.

You would have expected their elaborate plan to yield some positive results and maybe it did; they only conceded three goals at the end of the game.

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