I will remember Rawlings for the 1992 constitution – Okada rider

As Ghana mourns the passing of its former president, Jerry John Rawlings, many have shared their fondest memories of the first president of the Fourth republic.

Soon after news of his demise went out, mourners began trooping to his Ridge residence to confirm the news and commiserate with the family of the stateman.

Among the group of people who thronged the Ridge residence of the former president were members of the Okada Riders Association.

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A General Secretary of the association, Fatau Dauda Bansi, said the news of his passing shocked him.

Some okada riders parked next to the Ridge residence of the late former president

He told theghanareport.com that his association was preparing for a rally in support of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) when the news got to them.

Theghanareport.com counted about fifty motorbikes belonging to the association at the residence of the founder of the NDC.

When asked what his fondest memory of the former president was, Fatau Dauda said “he’s the founder of the great party, NDC, and he has some achievements he made for the country. Besides, the 1992 constitution alone will make me remember Papa J”.

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