The coin of life : Choices we make

A ‘COIN’ we have been told from childhood has two sides – a head and a tail.

In my youthful days, I was the editor of my award-winning sports weekly: ‘THE SPORTS COIN’. The name was derived from the principle there was always two sides to every argument, debate or matter but then over time I have grown to appreciate that there could be a THIRD, which was when you toss a coin and it doesn’t land on either the head or tail but rather stands on the rim.

If we accept then that for as long as the rim could win without recourse to another throw of the coin, then we should admit then that all matters, arguments or discussions could have THREE SIDES. What is worse is whilst the head or tail fall flat exposing every artwork or design as it is, it is ONLY the third side, the rim which has limitless round as the rim rolls and not restricted to just one or any certain number of teeth of the rim.

This THIRD SIDE is tantamount to sitting on the fence as a BYSTANDER: pretending whatever goes on in the world, does not concern you – whether good or bad, right or wrong, heaven or hell, alive or dead, salvation or eternal damnation, the Lord’s side or the devil’s.

INDEED, the worse place anybody would wish to be in life or eternity, is SITTING ON THE FENCE, without any ambition, or desire, or aim, or future, or dream, or aspiration, or wanting to be anything – here on earth or afterlife.

Just giving up on LIFE itself or plain LIVING DEAD.

To think that one’s best decision for life’s journey here on earth is to sit on the fence as part of the RIM of the COIN OF LIFE, is to mortgage one’s life to hopelessness, accepting to be a continued TOOL for the devil. This is just self-deceit. To your mind, you may think you are actually sitting on the wall without committing to any side but in real terms, you are a PAWN of the devil.

The biggest disservice one can do to one’s self is to be a spectator in one’s own life; for life is such a scary business to leave it to chance. For this reason, we all need to make choices, necessary choices of life and death at every turn of our lives here on earth. Such is the COIN OF LIFE – knowing that each of the three sides of this ‘COIN OF LIFE’ holds dire consequences for us, no matter how we live out the days apportioned to us. We therefore owe it to ourselves to be mindful of the choices we make.

The Good Book says, LIFE & DEATH LIES IN THE POWER OF THE TONGUE so do the choices we make lie with the COIN OF LIFE.

MAGNUS REX DANQUAH, the author, is a Minister at the Royalhouse Chapel International, a Sport Business Consultant. Land Economist & an international Events Architect, Planner & Manager. He is a consultant to the Ministry of Youth and Sport for the past several years.

He was the Architect of Ghana’s successful bids for the rights to host and organize the 26th MTN Africa Cup of Nations Ghana 2008 as well as the 13th African Games Ghana 2023. He was in charge of the organization and management of the benchmarking Ghana 2008 football as well as the 9th AfHF African Hockey Cup Ghana 2009 championships.

He was the Editor-in-Chief of the erstwhile award winning publications: The SPORTS COIN, the PUBLIC OPINION and the LEISURE Arts & Music newspapers and the HOST of the SPORTS DIGEST on GBC TV in the 1980s. He was the editor of the “PASSIONS” newsletter for the Ghana 2008 Football Championship and the Ghana 2023 African Games.

He has numerous publications to his credit in the Daily Graphic, Ghanaian Times, Graphic Sports and the Weekly Spectator as well as the author of ‘THE MFANTSIPIM DREAM” and “REFLECTIONS” books.

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