The ‘homeless’ security guard building a career in the medical field

Emmanuel Binditi fantasised about white coats and a stethoscope around his neck, but his yellow uniform and truncheon gave him a reality check.

In 2015, he was a security officer protecting lives at SSNIT, but 2021 would usher him to saving lives from a hospital’s consulting room.

The journey has been tortuous; the scars of suffering are evident from head to toe, but the 26-year-old is determination personified.

In 2007, he landed in Accra as a nine-year-old boy.

From Bogni, a village in the Nanumba North District, he was sent to live with his granduncle at Agbogbloshie in Accra, Ghana’s largest foodstuff market.

“My father is a yam farmer, and my mother is a hairdresser, but they wanted me to have a better education, so they brought me here to school,” he told theghanareport.com.

He managed to complete the Bethel ECG School in 2011 and enrolled at the Kadjebi Asato Senior High School.

“After secondary school, things were difficult at home. Even though I passed my WASSCE, there was no money to see me through the university,” he narrated with a sad face. “I wanted to pursue medicine. I have always wanted to be a medical doctor, it is my passion to help people, so I decided to hustle”.

Life for many at Agbogbloshie means nothing short of dealing in scraps, menial jobs and other forms of hustle.

The reward is a far cry from Ghana’s minimum wage.

But Binditi is one in a million to escape that shackle of hardship, poverty and hopelessness.

The oldest of seven siblings was left to find his feet through the hustle and bustle of the city.

“I needed to raise some money. Before someone can help you, the person will ask, what do you have? And I didn’t want to look unprepared when asked that question,” he explained.

Soon he secured a job as a security guard with a private security company.

“I joined Obrad Security Service in 2015. I was posted to the SSNIT Pension House in Accra…there I worked for two years,” he added.

Life as a security guard

Typical of many Ghanaian homes, Emmanuel was required to support his family once he started working.

“I wasn’t paid much, but I had to contribute to the upkeep of the house, fend for myself, and save for school,” he noted.

He managed to tuck away GHC150 of his GHC220 monthly salary for the sole purpose of university education.

“I had to spend less, so I could save more, so in some months, I saved GHC150 and other times I saved all my salary and depended on the benevolence of the workers…sometimes, someone will send you and give you a tip”.

Other times, he survived on food bought by others at the office.

Emmanuel walked 30 kilometres for two hours between Agbogbloshie and the SSNIT Pension House every day for the two years he worked as a security guard.


In a small wooden shack detached from the main house of his granduncle, Emmanuel shared a room built for one person with seven others.

“The number of people accommodated in that one room was suffocating, so some of us decided to move out and rent,” he narrated.

But he didn’t have enough for the skyrocketing prices of accommodation in Accra.

Torn between the devil and the deep blue sea, he had no choice but to settle for the lesser evil by living on the streets for months.

Going back to school

After saving for a year, Emmanuel applied to the University of Ghana in 2016.

He gained admission but had to forfeit the opportunity because he could not raise the fees – a little over GHC 3000.

“Another reason why I could not accept the admission was my student status, I was made a distant student, and there was no way I could afford that,” he added.

Unperturbed by the challenges, he applied to the University of Cape Coast, the University of Health and Allied Sciences and Narh-Bita College the following year.

“UCC offered me Environmental Science, then UHAS offered me Physiotherapy, but due to financial constraints, I couldn’t raise the money for admission before the deadline elapsed, I lost both offers,” he recounted.

Faced with an insurmountable mountain to climb, Emmanuel prayed to “God to bring me a helper”.

Determined not to lose the third and last offer, he emptied his investment account for his admission fees.

The sum of his life’s savings and investments was GHC1500.

With help from his parents and a good Samaritan, he managed to get GHC5000 to enrol for a four-year Physician Assistant degree programme at Narh-Bita College.

“God being so good, here I am, in my final year,” he said, beaming with smiles.

Surviving in school

To survive in school, Emmanuel had to juggle between part-time jobs and studies.

He got a private teaching job that paid GHC 350 monthly, and that is how he fends for himself.

“My parents do support me once in a while, but I am surviving on my teaching job,” he said.

“Currently, I am doing clinical at the Tema General Hospital, but I still have the desire to study to become a medical doctor,” he revealed his plans for the future after graduation this year.


Juggling between work and school is Emmanuel’s biggest struggle.

“It is difficult, but I cannot complain. It is hard, but I guess that is the price I have to pay.”

He had to devise a means to sneak in and out of lectures throughout his four years in school.

Every examination presented another difficulty, with school authorities chasing him to pay arrears before writing the papers.

“Sometimes during exams, they will come and sack me, then I will have to write letters, begging the school authorities to extend the deadlines for me, it has not been easy, but God being so good I have never had a referral.”

“Sometimes, I feel like dropping out, but when I realise how far I have come, I do not want to risk losing it all. I would rather suffer now and pave the way for my younger siblings…. I know that someday my labour will pay off if I stay true to the course and sacrifice for the future. This has been the pushing force for me.”

“In life, we shouldn’t give up on ourselves; we are the Architect of our own destiny. When you set a goal, be determined, and you will surely get there,” he advised




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  1. Anonymous says

    I met Binditi in 2016 at the Pension House ,though he worked as a security guard, he was liked by all, because of his amazing human attributes. Humble and Honest. Needless to say that due to our busy schedules he used to cash money for some of us at the ATM for our urgent needs. Thank God he has made it this far.

  2. Anonymous says

    Aww Binditi! Never new you went through all these , God will surely make your dreams come true . Amen

  3. Anonymous says

    Bless up 🙏

  4. Anonymous says

    Hmmm Emma as I use to call him very humble and hard working, I met him in 2014 where we both walk from north Kanashie to our home he use to tell me my sister it is well .And as I talk now I am also a nurse by God grace and he is Phisician assistant by God grace,our tears we cry to God was not in vain God make a way where there is no way

  5. Anonymous says

    Binditi Emma,we are proud of you,my Pensa president back in campus.such a humble and hard-working man, you will go far…

  6. Anonymous says

    Hello there mate u have always been a hard worker and a good guy right from our time at Shs. Don’t give up now there’s always light at the end of the tunnel

  7. John Ntateeba says

    It has not been easy as he started, Infact he hustle but the grace of God he has come this far and I know with much more blessings he will higher than this. He loves the word and works of God and I love his faith when I was on campus with him.
    He is my school mate at Narh-bita college and I offered nursing. My brother I know and I strongly believe that our Lord Almighty will never disappoint us though we hustle but remember nothing good comes easy. All is well never worry.
    Glory to God the most high. Amen

  8. Anonymous says

    He love the things of God
    He become the PENSA bible studies coordinator for the school during my time as the president

  9. Anonymous says

    We thank God Almighty for how far He has brought us and how far He is going to take us.
    I’m soo happy seeing you been aired, it has nit been easy through life’s struggles but God always got our backs.
    Your Hardwork, honesty, and kind heart wld surely take you higher than what you are even seeing.
    Thanks for alllll the attention and and errands run for us at the Pension House 7th Floor – car park, we really do appreciate it and may God continually Bless you and make yr light shine wherever you step. Amen

  10. Anonymous says

    I arrived at Pension house in 2017 where I met and became friends with Binditi. Such a humble, affable, respectful, focused and determined guy. I used to worry you a lot and as matter of fact, I continuously do anytime I see you. I believe your God-fearing values has helped you throughout this journey. I really cried ( tears of joy) when i saw this success you have choked so far because I knew how determined you were. Truly, hope in the Lord never disappoints. I am more encouraged to go for what I want. I know the Lord Almighty will bring you to an expected end. You shall attained the greatest height in the profession you have elected to practice in order to help humanity. God bless.

  11. Anonymous says

    Wow Binditi I will spread this news to inspire others going through similar… wow you are an inspiration. As a course rep in the same class with you I must say i am humbled and privileged to be associated with you.

    I pray that helpers come your way, I pray for full scholarship to pursue medicine after this PA program. Wow im so proud of you Binditi. So proud

  12. Emmanuel Binditi says

    All is the doing of the LORD and I’m trusting and hoping greater height will He take me to .

  13. Robert Mylo says

    I’m completely humbled by his story.
    God bless you Bindity

  14. Nakujah Prosper says

    Life in komkomba has never been easy, but with God we are all becoming what we expected trusted in our God. Bro Binity, my comrade in the kingdom of God 🙏. I bless God for how far he has brought you, we have a story to write one day. Your labour shall never be in vain

  15. Anonymous says

    God hasn’t finish with you yet bro. Your struggles, tolls will soon pay off
    Just keep on trusting, believing and doing the bidding of the immortal God and you shall smiled at the end.

  16. Dokurugu Fredrick says

    God is not done with you yet Emma.your struggles and tools will soon pay off
    Just keep on trusting, believing and doing the bidding of the supreme being and you shall smile at the end

  17. Anonymous says

    Emmanuel BDT as I call him …… this journey is indeed worth it …. He has not for once shown any form of bitterness, sorry for his situation…. he is always encouraging other people … and one thing he keeps on saying is that God will always provide….. im glad you’re my friend BDT 4 years and still counting

  18. Anonymous says

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww bro you are an inspiration to we the young ones. Love you

  19. Emmanuel Appiah says

    Though I haven’t seen you in face but have heard of your faith and selfmotivation. The name Emmanuel itself, is a mystery.

    They that know their God shall sore higher. Commit your ways unto God and He shall directly and bring to pass your desires. God is in the equation surely, You will get there.

  20. Anonymous says

    This is a friend of Evans at TTU. 😁it is well

  21. Emmanuel Appiah says

    This is a friend of Evans at TTU. 😁it is well

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