TheGhanaReport presents 12 questions ahead of President Akufo-Addo media encounter

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is expected to take questions from journalists in a media encounter at the Jubilee House on Friday.

For most journalists, it is an opportunity to carry the voice of the masses to the presidency demanding answers directly from the corridors of power. It is not something that happens often.

For the President, it is a moment to give a mini-state of the nation ahead of the main event early in 2020. presents 12 questions for the government’s attention

  • Criticism about the record size of having more than 130 ministers continues three years into your administration. Are you going to cave in to calls for a reduction in the size of your Executive?


  • After the passage of the Vigilantism Law, what steps has your party taken to disband its vigilante groups?


  • On October 31, 2012, you promised Ghanaians to use the Anas Principle to fight corruption. How many cases of corruption have you fought using this method?


  • For three years now, your administration says it is auditing the Saglemi Housing Project. How do you respond to accusations, your government is not serious about reducing the housing deficit?


  • What is your response to NDC’s claims that you are running a family and friends contrary to your promise in 2016?


  • There is a fresh revelation that the Office of Special Prosecutor has received only 5.7million cedis out of the 180m cedis allocated his office in the 2019 budget. Surely you can’t expect a serious fight against corruption with such a paltry sum, do you?


  • Some three Foreign Missions, UK, US, and the Netherlands have raised concerns about your fight against corruption. Are you happy with your fight?


  • The Danish ambassador is saddened to see some state institutions fighting the Auditor-General who wants your Senior Minister to pay back $1m wrongfully paid to a company. How do you respond to the concerns that your government is fighting Daniel Domelevo?


  • Your cousin Gabby Otchere Darko has pooh-poohed on the Integrity Award given to Daniel Domelevo. You have congratulated boxers for their feats and a Supreme Court judge for an appointment to a GFA Committee, are you going to congratulate a member of the government, Daniel Domelevo for his award?


  • How are you handling the GUTA-Nigeria traders’ fracas? Why can’t your government implement local laws that bar foreigners from retail trade? Are we seeing a review of the GIPC law or a full implementation in 2020?


  • What do you make of IMANI’s 48 per cent scorecard on the fulfillment of your promises in the last three years?


  • The Finnish Prime Minister is 34 years old. In Ghana, several board CEOs and members of your government are very old. Surely it is time for the old guards to give way to well-qualified youths, don’t you agree?
Source The Ghana Report/ Seth J. Bokpe

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