These People’s Genetic Conditions Really Make Them Unique(1)


And the heterochromia has resulted in her having two eyes of different colors. The combination of both conditions simply makes her look like one of the most unique people in the world.


The condition usually results in a white patch appearing on the skin, and is most common on the forehead, resulting in that specific area also having white hair. Due to how sensitive the condition is, it is not recommended that the person dyes that part of the head.


This 8-year-old boy named Carter Blanchard was born with Vitiligo and often felt different from others as he was growing up. But one day, he found his dog twin, little Rowdy, who was also born with vitiligo. Since the first day they met, the two best buddies have been inseparable.


If you look closely enough, the eyes follow an unusual pattern, which almost resembles a flower. Obviously, the combination of eye color, the pattern, and the stunning sunset light create an incredible picture of this unique trait.



And the coolest thing is that not only she has different colored eyes, but each of them has a dominant color and a little bit of the other. Her right eye is predominantly brown, while her left eye is predominantly green.


Somehow, she was born with the perfectly parted patch of blonde hair on her left side, and brown hair on the right side, and there is no doubt that she is totally rocking the look.



In this picture, she shows one of her oldest ancestors with the exact same gap on his eyebrow that she was born with. Clearly, certain traits are just meant to be passed on.


Interestingly, his eyes also reflect light differently in the night, and it’s been reported that he also has enhanced night vision. The only thing is that the syndrome also makes his eyes extremely sensitive to light.



Everyone was incredibly surprised when they saw that the baby had been born with a full head of hair, but perhaps what was even more surprising, was that the hair just kept on growing. In this picture, the baby is 7 months old. Have you ever seen anything like it?










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