Thirteen killed as Sudan rebel groups clash

Thirteen people were killed and 12 others are reported missing following fierce fighting between two rival factions of the rebel Sudanese Liberation Movement-Nur (SLM-Nur) group in Central Darfur state, western Sudan, the UN has said.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the UN humanitarian agency (OCHA) in Sudan said the clashes started on 19 November in the Umu and Arshin areas of Shamal Jebel Marra locality.

Six people were abducted and four others wounded, privately-owned Al-Intibaha news site reported.

The fighting later spread to the villages of Daya, Wara, and Kia, in the same locality, with an estimated 5,600 people reportedly fleeing their homes and moving to idisplaced people’s camps, OCHA said.

The situation remains tense as there are reports that both parties are mobilising their forces for fresh attacks, according to the UN.

In October, similar clashes between the two groups left at least 13 people killed and 15 others wounded.

SLM-Nur is one of the few rebel groups that did not sign the 2020 Juba peace agreement, which the government signed with former rebel groups in Darfur and southern regions.

There has been division within SLM-Nur in recent months, as some factions have defected.

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