tips for keeping foodstuff fresh and long lasting

Here’s how to make sure your fresh foodstuff lasts as long as possible.

With the food crisis looming, knowing how to store fresh food products is so important. You also would not want to keep throwing food away.

Keep bananas, potatoes, lemons and lime out of the fridge

It’s advisable to keep these products out of your refrigerator and freezer. Instead, they should be kept in a cold, dry place.

Dry your fruits and vegetables before putting them in the fridge

Putting freshly washed fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator can actually dramatically shorten their shelf life. wash and dry them before refrigerating or wait to wash vegetables when you’re ready to consume them because adding moisture can hasten their decomposition.

Keep potatoes away from onions

Storing potatoes separate from onions prevents them from rotting quickly. To prevent sprouting, you can also store potatoes with apples.

Store onions and potatoes in a cool dry, place. Preferably an aerated basket.

 Keep milk and eggs inside your fridge and not by the door

Dairy goods like milk and eggs belong on the centre or bottom shelf of your refrigerator, not the door, where your milk and eggs are usually kept.

Your milk may spoil much more quickly if kept in a refrigerator since the temperature of the door can change due to frequent opening and closing.

 Don’t keep bread in the fridge

The easiest way to keep bread fresh is to keep it at room temperature on your counter, or even better, invest in a bread box. Placing bread in the refrigerator causes it to grow stale more quickly.

 Keep pepper fresh by putting it in the freezer

Pepper can last one or two days on the counter, but the best way to keep it safe is by blending it and freezing it up.

Store rice and pasta in a cool and dry place

Store rice and pasta in an airtight plastic container.

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