To The Girl Who Stays Quiet Despite The Pain She Feels Inside

I salute you, honey.

Your brave, strong heart always appears so calm, so indestructible. I am in awe of how your smile remains so sweet, without any sign of the raging seas and roaring thunder. Nobody knows that your charming countenance and tantalizing eyes mask a punishing melancholy that lingers within. Somehow, you remain so kind to the people around you, even when it takes incredible strength to build a barrier between them and the reality of the storm inside of you.

I know that you’ve mastered feigning happiness for everyone. You avoid wincing from the pain that nobody knows. I know that you sleep on damp pillows because tears suddenly gush out of your eyes at night. You avoid making noise while you sob in anguish as you lie in bed and feel the burden even more. When you struggle to wake up and face the day, you still gather all of your energy in order for you to live.

The storm inside may arise out of many factors. Perhaps, it stems from heartbreak or loss. Maybe, it’s a deeply-rooted pain accumulated because you didn’t open up or you opened up to the wrong people. Whatever the cause, you’ve  learned that not everyone deserves your trust, even those closest to your heart. When people who claim to understand you deeply don’t show sympathy or compassion, it just makes you feel small, unheard, and unworthy.

But darling, those are lies.

You are powerful. You deserve for others to hear you.. You are worthy.

That incredible thing you do—remaining still when you feel like shouting —is a superpower that nobody can easily possess. You are a walking wonder. You’ve kept it all inside, bottled up everything, and decided to just manage your struggles on your own. And despite your hidden storms, you still believe in healing. You still believe that something better will come—a turning point, a future testimony. You still bravely sail through the daunting storms of anxiety that threaten to capsize your strength.

Listen: You may be going through a rough patch at the moment, but you will definitely reach brighter days. Even if nobody knows what you’re going through, all you need is faith. Hold onto the faith that God knows your pain, witnesses your battles, and will help you win.

Also, thank the people who made you clam up. Thank the people who taught you to not shout it all out. Thank them because they taught you that not everyone deserves your heart. Thank them for showing you that you are strong enough to conquer any storm. Thank those who did not listen, because you learned to silently, gracefully endure the storms inside.

You are powerful. You deserve to speak. You are worthy. You are awesome.

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