“Togbe Afede exposed over double standards on Agyapa deal”

President of the National House of Chiefs and Agbogbomefia of the Asogli traditional area, Togbe Afede xiv has been fingered for double standards in the recent Agyapa deal controversy.

Documents cited by theghanareport.com reveals the traditional leader cum businessman’s Company, SAS Securities was between 2010 – 2012 among financial institutions which took part in efforts to establish the Ghana Gold Company, the vehicle the erstwhile NDC government attempted to set up to hold and manage all of Ghana’s Gold mineral royalties.

During a meeting on September 2, 2020 at the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, the President of the National House of Chiefs, Togbe Afede xiv joined the national debate by questioning why a national transaction would be shrouded in secrecy.

The ghanareport.com has intercepted minutes of series of meetings held to discuss the setting up of the vehicle to manage the transaction on behalf of Ghanaians who were not consulted then.

Contrary to what happened under the NDC government, Ghana’s current Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori Atta has consistently maintained that the deal will allow the government leverage Ghana’s mineral royalties to finance huge infrastructural projects especially within the mining communities of Ghana, but even before the deal could kick start, some civil society organizations and members of opposition NDC mounted a fierce resistance, insisting the deal was tantamount to mortgaging Ghana’s resources for political gains.

From the investigations so far conducted, it will seem the President of the National House of Chiefs has no moral rights to demand transparency and accountability since he was involved in a deal about Ghana on the blind side of Ghanaians some 10 years ago.

To this end, some people are wondering if what is wrong today could have been right in the past.

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  1. Evana says

    As for this sakawa chief or what?.. he wants a piece of everything wether Ndc or npp

  2. Anonymous says

    Yet he is loud than all chiefs. See how he was signing attendance sheet for nokofio.

  3. Orisha Afa says

    This is a worthless and scurrilous attack.
    The Agyapa deal in all its aspects.
    Togbe questioned why the Agyapa deal was shrouded in secrecy, and the use of a tax haven in establishing it.
    Do the documents you allege to have seen state the use of a tax haven?
    Your despicable hatchet job has failed!

  4. Anonymous says

    Get your facts right. Stop publishing false news.

  5. Anonymous says

    Are you aware you have exposed some personal details of people with this article?

  6. Anonymous says

    This article is full of lies

  7. Abukari Majeed says

    Read your own script very well, and you would have realized that; NDC government attempted to use Ghana Gold Company which was to engage that security company. But once “attempt” doesn’t mean done, couldn’t suggest that the engagement of the chief’s company was fruitful.

  8. Anonymous says

    You see ooo, greediness, mischief , hypocrisy and above all animosity becomes the order of the day! Why because the good deal is coming from the visionary npp government!

  9. Anonymous says

    Nana Afede you’re not the only person to occupy the highest seat in Ghana so I will advise you to be neutral.

  10. E.N.T says

    This post does not prove anything. 1.The documents posted above can be easily created. All you need is a computer with Microsoft word. 2. The supposed minutes says at the conference room…at whose conference room??? 3. Even if the documents are geniune all they show is that he attended some meeting…what was discussed is not known. If you have gone to the extent of getting the attendees of a meeting why leave out the discussions from the minutes which will support your story??
    I think you dont have a story

  11. Anonymous says

    The author of this article doesn’t understand the issue with Agyapa. Was NDC deal registered in Tax Haven? Were they bent on proceeding after warning from civil society?

  12. Fofovi Adello says

    I grew up to know that, understanding English which is a borrowed language is quite difficult for some elements of people. Reading through the article this morning, I have not seen anything wrong done by Togbe. He might be part of the meetings attended or the advisor during NDC era but may be, the then administration was not planning to do anything in secrecy like NPP is trying to do hence his questioning. Even the attorney general questions some details in the deal. Let not be blind by cheap politics but be very observant as citizens.

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