Towards easing current restrictions: The view of a concerned citizen

Now that we obviously know Covid-19 will be with us for sometime (only God can tell till when) especially until a potential vaccine is developed and accessed by all, we can only learn to live and survive in the “New Normal”.

So as the country’s leadership is planning on easing its current restrictions, we plead that, the government should ease the restrictions very cautiously and gradually with the aim of ensuring that, “the risk of mass population is reduced’ as possible as we can.

This is to avoid first, overwhelming our existing health facilities with high rate of infection cases or infected patients and secondly, to help consolidate our gains so far.

And I think for now in the category of Schools, religious gatherings and certain social functions (funerals, clubs), government should ONLY consider re-opening of schools  to be the next on our priority list to leave the restrictions table.



To manage the risk of mass population infections significantly, especially in the case should there be a general outbreak of Covid 19 infections in a particular school and for social distancing purposes considering our existing academic infrastructures; only final year students  (that is, JHS 3, SHS 3 and Tertiary final year students) should be prioritised to go back to school.

This is so that they can finish up class/course work, and write final examinations successfully to help usher them with the system uninterrupted into their next phase of life.

The Education Ministry should hold a discussion with the West African Examination Council (WAEC) for them to hold this year’s WASSCE on country basis and not the usual general examination for all West African countries.

For the reason that, I guess not all countries are ready or have the means to ease their current coronavirus restrictions to accommodate students returning to school or partaking in the WASSCE.

For Continuing Students, we can then count this term or semester as a lost one; and have a new academic calendar structured moving forward. This may include some vacations being sacrificed to make up for lost time.

Importantly, we should increase the sensitisation on the preventive protocols and education against Covid 19 stigmatization for students returning to school, especially as we have most of our cases being asymptomatic patients and are not likely to lose their lives to coronavirus.

This will help identified students who may contract the virus, to self isolate, receive treatments with a sound mind and in good spirit so they can still focus on making progress  with their academic work whiles in isolation and recovering. Stigma can kill more than coronavirus; Let’s teach citizens to show solidarity.

Remember if Government plans to ease restrictions, then the ultimate aim should be to reduce the risk of mass population infections at a time whiles regular life continues.


  1. Manny says

    Great piece..the idea will be very half if taken into consideration.

  2. Fadil says

    Your thoughts have been well articulated. I’m particularly supportive of the idea of making only final year students return to school. In the case of our shs institutions, having only final year students in school, coupled with strict monitoring will definitely ease the presure on existing facilities, creating a room for improved social distancing. Nice one Clement.

  3. Osono says

    Very detailed explanation.

  4. Kingsley says

    Nice piece. I share the same sentiments with you bruh and will be grateful if this idea can be subjected to meticulous scrutiny for the necessary action to be taken.

  5. LordKelvin says

    Well said Sir. The highlight here will be the mass spread of the virus beyond the resources available at our health sectors. So let’s stick to our basic preventive measures. Wash your hands to save lives.

  6. Forceway says

    Good..We can only tread cautiously and be slert

    1. Mzz Dicta says

      That was a good one there. The chastisement can really kill more than the virus. 👍🏽

  7. Bright Badasu says

    Nice detailed piece. I hope it gets to our leaders.

  8. John Baptist says

    Well said

  9. Obolo says

    Great piece!

  10. Aida says

    Well said and could be implemented.

  11. Cletus says

    Great suggestions. Hopefully the government implements such.

  12. Anonymous says

    Great one there. Hoping it will be considered. Keep on Sir

  13. Daniel Walters Abusah says

    Solid points raised. They must be effectively Considered.

  14. Kwabena Frimpong says

    Good one

  15. Edmond says

    Well said sir.

  16. Cornelia Gaisie says

    Great piece

  17. Napo says

    Very nice piece….. you are on the side with me
    Let’s pray this reflects at the ministry of education.👍

  18. Anonymous says

    Great piece

  19. Kate says

    Great piece

  20. Anonymous says

    Great piece
    Keep it up dear

  21. KOFI Ayeh says

    I strongly disagree with you on the point of allowing final year tertiary students to go back to school. We have managed to survive these online tests and assignments. Trust me with the level of lectures we have received at home, students are not prepared to for any sit down exams . Unless schools are being resumed to make us fail .Upsa has even started with their exams . And the level of interaction at the tertiary level is very high meaning chances of us getting infected will be very high .

  22. Oti-Dankese says

    Well said, government should ease restrictions very gradually and cautiously this will help curb the current problems we are facing with regard to this pandemic

  23. Franklyn Owusu says

    Nice piece. I think the preventive protocols have gone on well but the discomfort with using the nose mask, especially the cloth ones, is the biggest challenge we are faced with which wouldn’t be any different in the schools. I hope things get better soon.

  24. Miss Alice says

    Great piece and well said

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