Turning 65? Banish Your Fears and Kick Ass

Why are you sobbing? Why do you suddenly feel so alone that your heart is breaking? You have always been alone and you know it.

Do you think lamenting earlier days, lost loves, and feelings you had long ago will allay your fear of getting older? The only way to avoid getting older is to die.

You have had great love, a beautiful family, and a fulfilling career. You have faced great challenges and huge losses with courage and hope.

Yet here you are, in agony. Standing paralyzed at the edge of that bottomless chasm of fear you spent your life running from. Over what, turning 65? It may be a symbolic number, but that is all it is.

These feelings are familiar because you have been here before.

At your emotional bottom, so down and distraught that you were convinced you would die. Yet you woke up the next day and discovered you had not. It is from that place, that realization, that you could begin to build back your strength and resilience.

Proving to yourself that you could survive your worst fears gave you the power and confidence to push through the discomfort of change and come barreling back, unafraid and strong.

You used to choose to go to that place when you were younger. Remember? When faced with a horrible reality, you would select the toughest path through it, forcing yourself to conquer your fear and truly overcome the challenge. Where is that girl now? She is still you. That is who you are.

You have built up a lifetime of emotional resilience. Tap it now. This birthday is proof to you that your life will definitely end, but so what? You have always known that. You understood the true meaning of never and forever since you were 12 and lost your father. You persevered and lived an amazing life. It is not over.

Each day you have the choice to live with wonder and hope. Your memories of younger days, freer times, old lovers, successes, challenges, and fears you overcame, are blessings, and you have earned them.

Harness your resilience. Live this phase of life with gusto. Allow yourself to do things you have always dreamed of doing but made excuses not to try. Knowing you can survive anything that doesn’t kill you, sets you free. You know you will die someday anyway. In the meantime live jubilantly, make new memories, remember who you are, and kick some ass.

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