Uncle Ebo shares 14 key questions on ‘what it takes to keep your man’

Source The Ghana Report|Gloria KAFUI Ahiable

Love is a pretty dicey situation but like any other course or program studied in school, one can easily get a grasp of the whole love terrain.

You may have trials but you can also live a bliss with all the glitz and glam of a healthy relationship.

In trying to understand the other party, people often fail to communicate exactly what they want, most especially men.

Some may argue that men are often not celebrated as much as they would want to.

Even as we draw closer to the month of love, you are definitely going to see a lot of women on the receiving end.

This often leaves many men wondering if their partner is indeed in love with them. My ladies, once in a while you may want to spoil your guy a just a little…I mean just a little.

“Men are too rigid, I do not know what to get them or what to do to make them happy.”

There are tans of reasons you may want to one thing or another just to salvage your relationship.

Well, want to know what it takes to keep your man? Tag along…

In this episode of Food for Thought on the Super Morning Show, Celebrated playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte lists ten questions you need to know to keep your ‘MAN’ home and happy.


  • How do you feel when he is with you? Men go where they are celebrated and when they are made to feel good, so if you make him feel inadequate and you create a situation where he feels he is not celebrated then he will be tempted to go elsewhere.


  • How quickly do you drop issues and let them die? Most men let issues die quickly and they expect the same from their women. Women who manage to do that find a special place in a man’s heart. Those who drag issues find a lot of problems in the relationship and cause the man to seek an escape rope.


  • Are you his biggest cheerleader? Men come across as ‘Macho’ and hard yet inside they remain boys and a mans need for a cheerleader never ends, if anything it grows bigger with time. A man needs someone who believes in his dream and who supports him and cheers him on.


  • What do you do when he is down? A man is having serious issues at work and confides in his you. As a cheerleader, you encourage till he becomes the boss but when someday when there is an argument and you refer it to him… Ooohh so today you have found your voice to argue with me eehhh, when you didn’t have a job I encouraged you.


  • Do you withhold sex from him? But withholding sex from a man does not work well in any relationship. Sex is an arsenal weapon for any woman but she should be very careful she does not use that weapon against her man. It tends to backfire.


  • When you tell him, we need to talk? Is it to tell him how much he disappoints you as a husband. Communication is indeed vital but it is a two-way street so it takes two to tango so whatever the issue is it is not fair to make one person feel responsible for a problem.


  • Can he confide in you without being betrayed? There is a reason some men don’t discuss some things with their wives, it because they don’t think they can keep a secret.


  • When Do you look your best for him? In most cases, a man settles for a woman because of the way she looks and a lot of times most women don’t feel the need to look their best, especially when the children come in.


  • Do you put the children before him? When the children come in, a lot of men feel waste.


  • Do you resent his family and friends? A woman needs to know that a man’s friend can be her best alibi.


  • Do you refuse to apologize to him? A woman who feels the need to apologize even when they have not done anything knows how to keep her home happy. It’s not always about winning, sometimes you need to let go of petty squabbles and let peace reign.


  • Do you nag him? Nagging is common in a relationship and yet, men simply can not stand it. He referred to Proverbs 21:9  and Proverbs 25: 24. (Better to live on a corner of the roof than sharing a house with a quarrelsome wife.) Women need to know that nagging is unproductive in marriage.


  • Do you understand how a man’s mind works? To most women, a man’s mind is a great mystery. A woman who does not understand how a man’s mind work can’t keep her man in a relationship for any length of time.


  • Do you show appreciation for what a man does for you? You need to appreciate the little things he does for you. A hug, calling you within the day to find out how your day is going, buying you lunch, offering to open the car door for you. All the small stuff go a long way to show appreciation and that makes your man feels the need to do more.
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  1. Anonymous says

    What do you do when the lady easily drops issues but the man doesn’t.

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