Uncle Ebo Whyte: 30 questions we must find answers to

Uncle Ebo Whyte

1. Why do some people make it in life and others don’t? There is a science to success. Do you know it?

2. Is there a secret in life that has eluded you?

3. What does the future hold? You’ve got to have hope.

4. When you were born, you cried and the world laughed. How can you live so that when you die, you laugh and the world cries? How can one make an impact?

5. How do those closest to you see you and think about you?

6. Are you living your best life? What is keeping you from it?

7. Can your life be different? How different?

8. If God should ask you what you want, what will you say? Do you know what you want in life? If you don’t, you will never get it.

9. If God asked you what you did with your life and all the gifts, talents and opportunities he gave you, how would you answer him? Can you account for your one talent?

10. If you were asked to give a good reason why you should be allowed to live another week, what would your answer be? What about another month? Another year? Another decade?

11. If everyone were like you, would life be better or worse?

12. If people could read your mind and see through your motives, would they still like and respect you?

13. Are you a good friend? How do you know? Can you not be better?

14. Are you a good lover/partner? Can you not be better? In what ways?

15. Who are you becoming? Show that you are growing and learning.

16. In what ways are you different today from who you were same time last year?

17. If you maintained your current lifestyle and attitude, what kind of life would you have if you lived to be 80? Health? Finance? Relationships? Family? Impact?

18. What makes you come alive? Speaks to your passion if not to your destiny.

19. What do you fear the most in life? Why do you fear it?

20. Five years ago (that is, in 2015), where did you expect to be today? Are you there? If not, why not?

21. Five years from now (that is, in 2025), where would you want to be in life? What do you need to be doing to get there so you don’t miss it?

22. Is there something you know you should have done a long time ago? What is keeping you from doing it?

23. Is there something you can do to make someone’s day but you have not done? Why not do it now?

24. The person you are spending all your time and energy and resources on today, if you got stroke tomorrow, will that person be there for you?

25. Right this minute, what are you grateful for? Is that what is foremost on your mind?

26. What is the nicest thing someone ever said to you? Do you reflect on that more than the negatives you receive?

27. Whose life is better because of you?

28. What are you living for? Remember there are worthwhile things to live for and worthless things to live for.

29. Apart from money, what are you rich in?

30. What will you change if you can start all over? Why not make today the beginning of a new day when you start all over?


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